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The idea of establishing a municipal government to meet the basic needs of the community moved to Colorado with the earliest miners and shopkeepers. Residents of a booming Georgetown decided by 1868 that they could better provide for their community by working together in an organized fashion. The Colorado territorial legislature granted them a charter to incorporate, and Georgetown holds the oldest continuous municipal charter in the state.

Residents of this new municipality immediately subscribed $1,100 to purchase a hand-cart fire engine - a priority then, and a priority now. People realize that municipal government remains the economical method to provide public services. In fact, Colorado residents have created a half-dozen new cities and towns in the past 20 years, with the most recent addition, Castle Pines, incorporating in 2007.

Today, Colorado is made up of 272 municipalities. This website allows you to learn about your municipality and the critical services that they provide. This site is produced by the Colorado Municipal League (CML), a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization serving the advocacy, information, and training needs of 270 municipalities all across Colorado. Learn more at www.cml.org


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